Reflexology Lymph Drainage

What is Reflexology Lymph Drainage?

Reflexology Lymph Drainage or RLD, is a reflexology treatment technique that targets specific areas of the feet that help relieve the burden on the lymphatic system.  It works in a similar way to Massage Lymph Drainage, however only the feet or hands are involved.

This technique was developed by a wonderful lady called Sally Kay who started a research project to see if reflexology could help those who were suffering from Lymphoedema.  By working specific areas of the feet, Sally found that the symptoms many were suffering from were significantly reduced and allowed the individual to find relief from the pain and mental burden the condition can have.  Over the years, the technique has continued to be used on patients with lymphoedema and has been found to help alleviate symptoms of other ailments including post operative swelling, pain in joints, auto-immune conditions, skin conditions, migraines, fibromyalgia, CFS, ME and many more.

Please see the RLD website for research papers and more details at

Please note that only those trained specifically by Sally and that have the certificate may use this method of treatment.