Baby and Childrens Reflexology

What is Reflexology for Babies and Children?

Reflexology can be used for anyone and can benefit all.  When talking about babies and children, special techniques are used that allow us to work in a way that is more beneficial for the child or baby.  It is essential to understand that these individuals are still growing and have differing needs to adults, it is therefore important to use a reflexologist specially trained to work with them.

When working with babies, we may be helping with ailments such as a sore tummy, reflux, teething, anxiety and lack of sleep (even babies need help with this!).  For children it may be growing pains, bed wetting, anxiety over exams, hay fever, asthma, skin problems and many more.  As with all the, they affect different babies and children in different ways, as such the treatments are ‘Taylored’ to the individual.  Each routine is bespoke and can offer help with the issues for that specific child.

Reflexology can either be given by myself, or I can train the parent / carer to give reflexology to the baby or child.  Some parents prefer the treatment to be given by an unbiased person, others like to be able to help their own child.  Equally, with babies there may be times in the middle of the night when the baby would benefit from even a fraction of a treatment, so learning how to do this may be the best option for you.

Whatever you choose there is an option for you.  Give me a call and we can talk through how this can work for you and your small ones.